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Your clients love you, right? They might already be telling their friends and family about you…

…but there is no way to know when they share your business card

We Have the Solution

With our flagship app you can equip your clients with the digital referral tool that every business needs. Connect makes it easy for your clients to spread the word about you and your services.

Have you ever thought, “I want an app for my business but it’s probably too expensive”. Well, look no further. We build affordable mobile apps for businesses of all sizes. Not only are our customized apps affordable but they help draw new clients to your business.

Warm referrals

Attract more customers directly from the best source there is – your current clients. Connect makes it easy for your clients to share your information and allows you to follow up with potential clients if they don’t reach out first. 

Alerted and Saved

Know exactly when and to whom your business info is being shared. Receive a message every time your information is passed along. View all potential clients’ information conveniently in one place.

Push notifications

Keep your current clients engaged with push notifications. Easily inform all of your clients about specials and sales, updated business hours, events, last minute appointment openings, or any other important announcements.

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Move Forward or Fall Behind

Catch up with the times

Technology changes over time. Years back, if you didn’t have a website you were behind the times. Then came “optimized for mobile” websites. While they did a decent job of resizing your website’s content, that’s all it did – changed some sizing layouts. This is far from optimized. “Slight improvement for mobile” is more like it. User’s want the best experience for the device they are on.

You need a website for those researching your business on their computers. These days, you NEED an app for users’ phones. Your customized Connect app is specifically designed for mobile devices. Connect provides the user with a complete and enhanced mobile experience.

Not sure what an app can do for your business? Try ours first! Download KenneTech Connect to experience Connect from a patient/client’s perspective.

Go Beyond Digital Business Cards

Many business are switching to digital business cards. Connect takes it many steps further. Not only does the user have your always-up-to-date contact info, all in one place, but they can actually interact with that info.

Download KenneTech Connect to see how much more streamlined an app is for your customers.

Want to see what your Connect app can look like? We can create mockups for your business so you can pick which UI is best.

Advertise where they're already looking

Another bonus of Connect is subliminal advertising. Connect keeps you “top of mind” by placing your logo on your users’ phones – the app icon.

Studies have shown people look at their mobile phones approximately 2,000+ times per day. Phones now act as miniature billboards that travel with your customers. Secure your spot on their device today!

With Connect, the user is not inundated with information (I’m honestly surprised if you’ve read this far) but instead they are given clear options. They can choose what info they either want to find out about you or your company, easily get in touch with you, and most importantly send you new business.

Have questions? Give us a call so we can help.

If clients need to:

  • Call, text, email
  • Get directions
  • Book or request an appointment
  • Refer friends and family to you
  • Update their info
  • Watch your videos
  • Read your blog
  • Purchase your products

Connect has it covered

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